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I want my wedding to last more than
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expensive for my guests, do you organise any other type of accommodation?

I want my wedding to last more than just a day

  • Many couples want their weddings to be 2-4 day events with activities for themselves and their guests from the moment they arrive in Spain to the moment they leave. The days leading up to the wedding can be filled with excursions, wine and food courses, sporting activities, lunches, picnics and dinners. During this time we can also organize the stag and hen nights, although we recommend that this at least one day prior to the wedding for obvious reasons. The night prior to the wedding can be used for a dress rehearsal whilst the day after we can organize a barbeque or picnic to give everyone a chance to say adios.
  • Besides organising and co-ordinating all such events, Weddings in Spain can also organise printed itineraries of events, welcome baskets, and transport. We will be on hand to assist you and your guests at all times.
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