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What are the legal requirements
for a civil wedding?
Will the wedding be recognized in my own
What is the booking process?
How much will it cost?
Do I have to book everything through
Weddings in Spain?
What about cancellations
and changes?
What other locations do you offer?
I'd like to discuss this more. Can I
speak to someone?
Which is the best month to get
married in Spain?
How will I pick flowers and other
details without being there?
Can I see the locations before making
my final decision?
I want my wedding to last more than
just a day
Some of the hotels are a little
expensive for my guests, do you organise any other type of accommodation?

Which is the best month to get married in Spain?

Spain is a large country and the climate varies with the region, so this will really depend on where you plan to marry. The region of Andalucia in the south has the most temperate climate with little rain, but it can be extremely hot in the months of July and August.

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